jumping salmon lodge
Jumping Salmon Lodge

For the most serious anglers who want to experience the very ultimate of Alaska deep-sea fishing adventures, our 2-Day, overnight trips are just the ticket! These exclusive trips are customized to give our clients the best opportunity to productively fish the changing tides and to experience a very remote part of Alaska that few will ever see!

For more than 15 years we have worked closely and combined our efforts with the remote Jumping Salmon Lodge. Located on Evans Island in the Prince William Sound, this lodge gives us a unique opportunity to effectively fish the optimum tides while also affording more time to selectively target trophy size fish!

By using the accommodations and amenities of a remote lodge, our anglers are afforded a much greater amount of time spent on the fishing grounds. Furthermore, this extra advantage in logistics gives us the ability to venture out to the furthest reaches of Seward, Alaska’s long-range fishing grounds…to areas not exhausted by heavy sport fishing pressure!

Capt. Bob Candopoulos guides all of our overnight trips aboard the Legend. The Legend departs Seward at 6am on the first morning of your trip and ventures out for an aggressive and very full day of fishing. That evening, we are just a short cruise in to where you will be treated to one of the most beautiful remote lodges in Alaska. Beautiful cabins and wonderful food await you while you kick back, relax and enjoy Alaskan hospitality at its finest.

On the second day, Legend will depart from the lodge at 6am and head back out to the fishing grounds for another full day of action packed fishing! We usually depart the fishing grounds at 4pm and arrive back to Seward anywhere between 6-7pm.

Depending on the time of the season, these trips will target multiple species with early season Halibut / King Salmon Combo’s in May through June and Halibut / Silver Salmon Combos in July through September! Rockfish are available any time of the season and lingcod season opens July 1st.

Lodging at our Safari Lodge can be added on either end this incredible package!

These multi-day trips are the most intense fishing adventures that we offer!

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