Halibut Fishing Charters
Seward, Alaska

Fishing isn't a hobby, it's a commitment!

seward alaska halibut fishing

Clear, deep-water gulf currents upwelling against offshore reefs and ledges create a nutrient-rich marine ecosystem with heavy bait fish concentrations, drawing huge game fish. This includes all Alaska Gulf Species. Incredible catches are a regular occurrence in this unique environment and anglers from all over the World converge here to try their hand at Alaska halibut fishing. Our fishing lodge is the best choice for your once in a lifetime Seward fishing trip.

The Pacific Halibut is the most sought after and prized Sport-Fish in Alaska waters. Capable of powerful, high-speed runs, they are the heavyweight of all bottom-fish species. These fish have been known to exceed 500 pounds and are considered the hardest fighting bottom-fish in the World. Our Seward Halibut Fishing Charters will deliver excitement on your next Alaska fishing trip..

Although our primary target species is Halibut, we fish in areas where all species of bottom-fish tend to congregate. It is not uncommon to land trophy Alaska Lingcod, Alaska Rockfish and Alaska Salmon on our Full Day Offshore Trips

The limit on Halibut is 2 per person, one of which has to be 28" or smaller and the second can be of any size.

Rockfish: 3 per person
Pacific Cod: no bag limit
Salmon: up to 6 per person (typically caught in July/August)
Lingcod: 1 per person, (opens July 1st)

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