Alaska Fishing

Fishing isn't a hobby, it's a committment!

Long considered one of the world’s leading destinations for sport anglers, Seward, Alaska offers a wide variety of fishing opportunities to suit your specific needs. From light tackle action for Silver and King Salmon to deep-sea battles with the Giant Pacific Halibut, anglers from across the globe converge on the small coastal community of Seward, Alaska to test their skills and try their luck fishing in one of the most picturesque settings imaginable!

The prime fishing grounds out of Seward are located in the Gulf of Alaska. Charter vessels depart the Seward Small Boat Harbor daily between 6-7am and head out across the waters of Resurrection Bay. Once in the gulf they spread out and target a coastline, which is rich in everything needed to sustain this incredible fishery. Offshore reefs and deep structure hold a tremendous variety of bottom-fish species. It’s not at all uncommon for a lucky angler to be fighting a giant Pacific Halibut while others are landing monster lingcod or huge yellow-eye and black rockfish. When deep-sea fishing out of Seward, Alaska, you never know from one moment to the next what you might hook into.

Saltwater Safari Company maintains its reputation as the leading Alaska charter fishing service and pioneers of the Seward, Alaska long-range fishing grounds. Owner’s, Capt. Bob Candopoulos and Capt. Steve Babinec have a combined 65 seasons of experience fishing these waters. With their two, incredible 53’ Delta charter boats Legend and Legacy, they were able to reach out further and went where no one else would go! They strategically mapped the ocean floor day after day, season after season and pioneered the most incredible, long-range fishing grounds that Alaska has ever seen!

We offer a variety of charter packages to suit your needs. From Half Day Silver Salmon trips and Full Day Halibut / Salmon Combo’s, to Long-Range Exclusive Overnight packages! Let our team of professionals at Saltwater Safari Company help plan your Alaska Fishing Adventure!

Whether you’ve been waiting several months, or maybe even years to finally book your Alaska fishing trip, you deserve the best experience possible. So call Saltwater Safari Company today! We promise you a World Class Alaska Fishing Experience!

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